Many people connect the season of Lent with “fasting” or giving something up for forty days preceding Easter. But Lent is more than that. It is a time of repentance, of drawing closer to God through prayer and Bible reading. It's a time of reflection when we consider how great is our sin and how great is the sacrifice that paid for those sins. May these devotionals help you to daily reflect on where you are in your faith journey and help draw you closer to His heart as you wait for the day of celebration when Jesus rose from the grave. 

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"Thanks for the devotionals. It was good to reread Luke 10 with emphasis on precise words and ideas. I have become more conscious on 'being sent' to show and tell about the Kingdom of God."


"Loved it! Sad to see it end. A great way to start my day."


Every morning I would hurry to my inbox to look for the SENT devotional. It has helped me to dig deeper into Luke 10 and being sent. I truly am sad to see these devotionals end.Thank you one and all for the prayers, time, effort and dedication in making these inspiring reflections available.