The Blessing of Rebuke


March 23, 2023

Have you ever been rebuked? It never feels good. Jesus just told his disciples about his suffering and Peter rebuked him. Jesus rebuked Peter and called him Satan because his concerns were merely human. Ouch! Then Jesus talked to his disciples about losing their lives to save their lives and about the importance and value of their souls. He warned them about being ashamed of what mattered most. I wrestle with this. I wonder if Jesus would rebuke us.

Our present lives matter—a lot! It is why we are so concerned for them. It is why COVID, poverty, racism, sexuality, hunger, abortion, refugees, and a lot of other present life issues matter. They matter to God too. He calls for us to love people and seek justice. But he also makes it clear all those things don’t begin to compare to the importance of our souls.

We could fix all our world’s problems and if people don’t come to know Jesus as their Savior and Lord, we have solved merely human, temporary concerns. I wrestle with this because it seems so much of the church’s energy gets focused on human concerns. Important concerns but according to Jesus not the most important. I wrestle with this because it seems we are often ashamed or maybe afraid to share the good news of Jesus Christ.

Let’s face it; it is easier, more applauded, and it feels better to focus on human concerns. But I wonder if Jesus might rebuke us. I wonder if when we stand before him, will he be ashamed of us? Rebuke never feels good. But when it comes from Jesus it is always good. What do you think? Might he rebuke us today?

Lord Jesus, help us listen for your voice. Help us to keep our focus on the concerns of God and to lose our lives for what matters most. Help us not be ashamed but bold with your good news.

Lord, help us to understand the depth of your love for us that prompts you to gently rebuke us when we go astray. May you Spirit give us the ability to accept humbly and gratefully everything you say to us…even rebuke. Amen.


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