Classical Ministries Committee


This team is made up of representatives from various team and seeks to coordinate the overall vision and ministry work of Classis.

01. Rev. Dave Struyk, CH

02. Rev. Mike Hoogeboom

03. Rev. Paul Sausser

04. Rev. Daniel Bud

05. Rev. Emily Vanden Heuvel

06. Rev. George Vink - Stated Clerk

07. Daniel Maat - Communications

08. Brenda Bosch - Treasurer

Classical Interim Committee


This team is made up of the Stated Clerk, the two Co-chairs of Classis and the chairperson of the Committee. This group does the administrative work of Classis—receiving and responding to correspondence, setting up Classis meetings (and making sure the right people are there).

01. Rev. Paul Sausser, CH 2020 (2)

02. Rev. Ron Kool 2021 (1)

03. Rev. Ruth Boven 2021 (1)

04. Rev. Ed Visser

05. Stated Clerk, ex officio

Established Church Committee


This team focuses on helping already existing church to grow healthier in every way—Worship, Outreach, Pastoral Care, Administration and Spiritual Growth. 

01. Rev. Stephen De Wit 2021 (1)

02. Rev. Mike Hoogeboom, CH 2019 (2)

03. Rev. James De Zeeuw 2021 (2)

04. Arek O'Connell 2022(1)

05. Treasurer, ex officio

Diaconal Committee


This team serves Classis by enhancing the work of classis deacons through providing opportunities and resources for ministry, outreach, encouragement, education, training, and support.

01. Rev. Daniel Bud, CH 2019 (3)

02. Ms Sandi Nicely 2019 (1)

03. Rev. Ezra Lee 2019 (1)

04. Bernita Tuinenga, VIS rep

05. Harold Mast 2021(1)

New Church Development Committee


This team focuses on new and emerging ministries and churches in our Classis. Since it is extremely difficult for one church to have the needed resources to plant a church, this team helps our churches work together to plant new ministries.

01. Rev. Dave Struyk 2018 (2)

02. Carole Pettijohn- Liaison

03. Rev. Jim Boer 2020 (1)

04. Dave Klooster 2021 (4)

05. Rev. Randy Ledeboer 2019 (3)

06. Rev. Wayne Ondersma 2020 (1)

07. Treasurer, ex officio

Spiritual Growth & Prayer Committee


This team focuses on helping our churches—new and established—to grow spiritually, primarily through the ministry of prayer. 

01. Rev. Bob Boersma, CH 2020 (2)

02. Rev. Evan Heerema 2020 (2)

03. Bernita Tuinenga 2018 (2)

04. Jill Jansen 2020 (2)

05. Jolene De Heer 2020 (2)

Regional Pastor


01. Rev. George Vink

Synodical Deputies


01. Rev. George Vink 2019 (1)

02. Rev. Bob Boersma (alt) 2019 (2)

Church Visitors (Team One)


These pastors check in with churches to see how things are going and to offer support if needed. (Supporting each other)

01. Rev. Paul Sausser 2018 (1)

02. Rev. Curt Walters 2020 (2)

Alger Park, Ideal Park, LaGrave, Community, Immanuel, Monroe Community, Moline, Wayland

Church Visitors (Team Two)


These pastors check in with churches to see how things are going and to offer support if needed. (Supporting each other)

01. Rev. Henry Schenkel 2019 (3)

02. Rev. Peter Jonker 2020 (1)

Covenant, Cutlerville East, First Cutlerville, Hillside, Providence, Kelloggsville, Discovery, inSpirit

Classical Financial Committee


This team is responsible to oversee the work of the treasurer and to manage the finances of Classis. They present the budget at our October meeting.

01. Rev. Jerry Zandstra 2021(4)

02. Rev. Martin Benckhuysen 2020 (1)

03. Treasurer, ex officio

Stated Clerk


01. Rev. Rev. George Vink 2021(1)

02. Aletrnate Stated Clerk: Rev Ed Visser 2022(1)

Classis Treasurer


01. Brenda Bosch - Treasurer

Classis Prayer Coordinator


01. Felicia Bud

Council Of Delegates


01. Rev. Dave Struyk

Classical Leadership Development Team


This team provides support to students who are seeking to enter full-time ministry. This team makes recommendations to Classis about financial support for students but also meets with students to support them while they are in school.

01. Brenda Bosch - Treasurer

02. JB Wernlund

03. Emily Vanden Heuvel (chair)

04. Dan Zeigler

05. Martin Benckhuysen 2021

06. Stated Clerk

07. Amy De Zeeuw 2022 (1)