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Diaconal Ministry

The Diaconal Ministries Team (DMC) of Classis Grand Rapids South is committed to intentionally and effectively carrying out the work our Lord has called us to do through diaconal ministries in our churches and our communities.

The DMT does this by enhancing the work of classis deacons through providing opportunities and resources for ministry, outreach, encouragement, education, training, and support.

The committee also provides opportunities for churches to work together in outreach ministry.

  • Ministry Partners

    The Diaconal Ministries Committee (DMC) for Classis Grand Rapids South considers a gift to participate with those who passionately pursue ministering to others. We have the opportunity to receive and review Grant-In-Aid applications and we have a small size grant budget designated by our classis for the purpose of supporting deaconal ministries in our community. Scroll down to read latest stories. Application Form Here

  • Volunteers In Service

    Volunteers In Service is able to fulfill its Mission Statement by helping the Christian community answer the call to serve with an open mind and a ready heart. VIS’s purpose is to help West Michigan churches witness Christ’s love in action. They help individuals, churches, deacons, small group leaders, and other church leaders discover the gifts of discipleship through training, resources, and volunteer opportunities. GO HERE

Stories & Reports


The DMT Team consists of Daniel Bud, Ms Sandi Nicely, Ezra Lee, Ms Mary Dykstra, Bernita Tuinenga-VIS rep, and Harold Mast.

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