Saturday Life


April 8, 2023
It’s Saturday! Yesterday, Jesus, their master, friend, rabbi, and hope was crucified.  Today He lies in a borrowed tomb, wrapped in grave clothes.  Confusion, disappointment, grief, and disbelief consume the apostles.  How could this have happened? Why didn’t Jesus stop it?  How could they go on without Him?  All hope seems gone.  The future is dark and uncertain.  Jesus is dead!
I wonder how many times you have experienced the “Saturday emotions” of the disciples when your hopes are dashed, the future is scary, and grief and disappointment abound.  How do you react to these “Saturday emotions?” Do you give up, get angry with God? Or do you draw close to God, allow yourself to grieve in His presence as you choose to wait on Him and trust in His promises and providential care? These “Saturday experiences” are some of the most difficult journeys we are asked to endure.  But the good news is…our God is able and willing to turn all tragedy into triumph.  Our part is to wait, watch and remember that Sunday did come, and Jesus walked out of that grave defeating sin and death. The disciples were transformed into powerful men who changed the world with the gospel of the risen Lord.
We are now living “Sunday lives.” Lives of promise, hope, power, and significance all because Jesus lives!!  All our hopes, dreams, and promises, find their “yes and amen” in the risen Lord!  So, when you are in the middle of a “Saturday experience,” hold on, wait, watch, believe, and trust because Sunday has come!
Prayer: Father, may our difficult experiences draw us closer to your heart so you can transform our sorrow into joy, our fear into fearlessness, and our disappointment into hope.  Amen


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