But God


March 24, 2023
“But God demonstrates his own love for us in this: While we were still sinners, Christ died for us.”  (Romans 5:8)
A minister friend of mine told me of a sermon he preached about six letters that spell hope: “u-g-b-o-t-d.”  That may not look like anything to you, but when you rearrange them, they spell, “But God.”  Those words continue to inspire me as I think about the events surrounding Easter.

The people of Israel were living in hopeful expectation of a Messiah. At the right time, God sent His sinless son who ministered to the needy, taught many, and empowered the disciples.  His incarnation brought hope to a hopeless humanity. This angered the evil one who caused the leadership to hate and despise Christ. He encouraged others to lie about and abandon Him. He reveled in the cruelty of the Roman soldiers who beat Jesus and in the sentence of crucifixion.

The evil one must have been rejoicing as he witnessed Jesus’ suffering on the cross.  What he didn’t reckon with was six little letters: “BUT GOD!”  That death was where the justice of God met the love of God so that the grace of God could be poured out on humanity and hope could live in the hearts of all who love the Son.  The evil one may have held onto his own sliver of hope when they put Jesus in a tomb…” BUT GOD raised Him from the dead” (Acts 3:15b) so death no longer has it’s sting and sin no long has a choke hold on God’s children.

In this time in history, we need hope:  for ourselves, our families, our church, and our country. I don’t know what you are going through right now – if you are filled with hope or if you are traveling a difficult road of hopelessness.  But I do know six little letters that can bring you hope: “BUT GOD…”  Whatever you need, He is enough:  enough love, grace, mercy, joy, assurance, strength, and power.  He is the healer of bodies, relationships, emotions, divisions – He is enough. So, when you feel like giving up, hold on tight to those six letters – BUT GOD – and have hope!

Prayer:  Merciful God, thank you for loving us while we were yet sinners and sending Christ to die so we could have hope.  Amen.


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