“I AM”


March 20, 2023

Have you ever had someone lie about you?  It is a profoundly frustrating and extremely unfair experience.  One’s natural inclination is to refute the lie as loudly and to as many people as possible.  But no matter how much you counter the lies, your reputation and credibility are damaged.  Jesus understands what it is like.  He has “walked in those shoes.”

The reading today takes place shortly after Jesus was falsely arrested. His friends have abandoned him and he is standing in front of a large crowd gathered at the Sanhedrin.  The Chief Priests are plotting his death and looking for reasons to kill him.  There are many people in the crowd – maybe even some who Jesus fed, taught, or healed.  But instead of standing up for Jesus, they tell lies about him.  Resisting the urge to indignantly refute the lies, Jesus remains silent until the high priests asks, with scorn in his voice, “Are you the Christ, Son of the Blessed One?”  Jesus simply, quietly, and confidently answers, “I am.”  What a beautiful response, “I am.”  No shouting, no recrimination, no anger – just the truth.

What hope that simple truth brings us today!  No matter where you find yourself on your spiritual journey this Lenten season, Jesus is what you need because he IS the Christ, the promised Messiah sent to set us free from the bondage of sin and death.  He IS the Son of the Blessed One – full of power and might; true God and true man; source of all love, joy, and peace.  He IS coming back in glory.  We can be confident in the hope that we will see him face-to-face and live with him forever!  Praise God, Jesus lives!!

Prayer: Dear I AM, thank you for being all we need.  Thank you for the hope of your second coming and eternity with you. Help us to rely more on you and less on ourselves.  Help us to speak the truth, live the truth, and know The Truth.  Amen.


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