Endings and Beginnings?


April 6, 2023

Remember the wonderful feeling of accomplishment when you successfully come to the end of a project or assignment?  The only thing I like better than making a list of things to do is crossing off things from that list.  It feels good to declare that you are finished.  It clears the way for new beginnings, projects, opportunities, or seasons of life.

In the last moments of Jesus’ life, He was able to declare, “It is finished!”  Jesus’ list of “things to do” was completely fulfilled:

  • The perfect sacrifice was made through his body and blood.
  • Humanity’s sin debt was paid in full; the atonement was made.
  • Separation between God and man was ended as the temple curtain tore in two.
  • Death has lost its sting as eternal life was assured to all who believe.
  • Satan was defeated.

When Jesus said, “It is finished,” that statement opened the door for a host of new beginnings:

  • Salvation for all who believe Jesus is the Christ, the Son of God and accept him as Lord.
  • Complete forgiveness of sins – condemnation, shame, and guilt no longer enslave us.
  • Redemption and a chance to start life as a new creation as we are daily sanctified.
  • Opened the door for the Holy Spirit to dwell within to empower, comfort, teach and guide us.
  • Made possible the opportunity for an intimate relationship with the One True King.
  • Assured us that He will never leave us or forsake us and that one day we will be with Him and His Father for all eternity.

He began His ministry by declaring “The Kingdom of God is at hand,” and He ushered that kingdom in with power and might.  Now we get to be a part of this new beginning…. All because Jesus finished what God called Him to do.  May that fact fill us with such awe and wonder that we daily offer God sacrifices of obedience, gratitude, and praise for the completed work of Jesus Christ.

Prayer: Lord, we are filled with awe and wonder when we stop to think how perfectly you completed the work the Father sent you to do.  Thank you for your faithfulness.  May you find us faithful!   Amen


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