The Man in the Middle


April 5, 2023
There were three crosses on Golgotha that day. On the two outside crosses hung men being justly punished for crimes. Between them hung a man identified by a sign reading “King of the Jews.”  He had committed no crime. He had spent the last three years preaching, teaching, healing, restoring, feeding, and blessing all who came to Him in faith asking for help. He also challenged religious Jewish leaders about their judgmental self-righteous thinking and that led Him to this place of suffering and torment. A place He does not deserve to be.
But it is a place He chose to go because He knows He must obey the will of His Father who demands that a sacrifice be made to atone for sins. The sacrifice of animals wasn’t enough. The sacrifice needed to be fully human and yet without spot, blemish, or sin. He was humanity’s only hope.
So, there they were three men on three crosses. As time passed, one of the criminals stopped mocking and taunting the man in the middle.  In his agony, he asked for the man in the middle to remember him when He came into his glory. How would the man in the middle respond to the request of such a sinner? Would he ignore, berate, or lash out at him? No.

He lovingly promised the unworthy sinner that he would be with Him in paradise that day. When the criminal finally died, he found himself transported into glory because the man in the middle had paid the price. His blood covered all the sins. He had paid the price and made atonement. Fellowship with God was now possible.
That man in the middle looks down from the cross into your eyes and says, “You are worth it. Join me in paradise.” All we must do is believe in faith…He has done the rest. The atonement has been made and we are redeemed by the sacrifice of the man in the middle! Praise be to God.
Atoning Savior, we are profoundly humbled and grateful by such a great sacrifice! Thank you! Help us to live boldly, passionately, and obediently in response for the gift of salvation you purchased for us. Amen.


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