Remember Me


April 4, 2023
Have you ever wondered what was going through the mind of the thief who asked for mercy as he hung beside Jesus?  “It won’t be long now. My lungs are filling with fluid and the effort to pull myself up to breath is increasingly more difficult. My life passes before my eyes, and I am repulsed and shamed by all the horrible things I have done to others and myself. I deserve this death, yet I dread what lies beyond.

What’s strange is that one of the guys next to me seems to have no fear at all but is surrounded by an unearthly peace. It’s like he knows exactly what lies beyond and welcomes it. Could it be that he really is the Son of God he claims to be?

Even in his suffering, he speaks of forgiveness to those who are taunting and mocking him. That makes no sense to me, but I know that forgiveness is exactly what I need before the end comes. Could he ever forgive me? I don’t deserve his mercy. I am too far gone. But what do I have to lose? I am going to ask him to remember me when he goes into his glory.

Here goes nothing….! He said yes! So, this is what peace and hope feel like.”
We are more like that thief than we care to admit. We have all done and said things that have hurt others and ourselves. God would be justified if He chose to punish us. We don’t deserve His grace or mercy. But the story of the repentant thief should fill our souls with profound hope.

We are never too far gone that God’s grace and love can’t find and enfold us. It is never too late to genuinely repent and confess. We need to believe Jesus is who He claims to be, and His death atoned for all our sins.  His blood washes us clean. His resurrection gives us assurance of eternity with God.
Thank you, Lord, that your love, grace, mercy, and forgiveness are greater than our greatest sin. Amen.


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