Take Up Your Cross and Follow Jesus


March 16, 2023

There is a common truism about death and possessions: “You can’t take it with you.” This is true for more than just estate planning. If we want the resurrection power of Jesus in our lives now, then we have to die to our old lives and our old selves now, too.

Perhaps you have heard stories of persecuted believers in other parts of the world who lose status, friends, jobs, family or freedom because of following Jesus. It’s easy to admire these saints from afar and perhaps silently wonder if we could do the same. The words of Jesus in this passage tell us it is not just for others far away: the call to the cross is for us, too. That call is for all who follow after him.

Our possessions may not be taken away by force, but we must no longer be possessed by our possessions. We must live as if they are the Lord’s and not ours any longer. The same is true for anything else we cling to for worth, safety or significance. You can’t take it with you.

“Wait a minute, though. Let’s not be unreasonable. Surely no one would expect me to __________.” Do you really think so?

What did Jesus hang on to in his journey to and on the cross? We all say we want to go heaven to be with God forever, right? What is it that will give us joy, meaning and security in heaven? Is that available here and now? It is but there is a cross in the road to it.

Prayer: Lord Jesus Christ, I want above all else to follow you. Cleanse my secret faults and show me where I am clinging to things of this world and this life instead of to you. Let me see your face and be transformed into your likeness. Lord Jesus Christ, I am yours. Amen.

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