The Lamb and the High Priest


March 27, 2023
Do you struggle with learning how to multitask?  Teenagers and young mothers are experts at it.  Teens do it because they can, and mothers do it because they must.  As good as these two groups of people are at doing two things at once, they don’t begin to compare to Jesus Christ.  As He hung on the cross, true God and true man, He was both the sacrifice and the high priest.  This fact is almost too much for our finite minds to comprehend; yet that is exactly what Jesus did because it was what we needed.
We needed a perfect sacrifice to take away our sins, so God gave us His Son, Jesus Christ, holy, pure, and sinless – the perfect sacrificial Lamb.  As you look at the cross this Lent, hear these words, “Behold, the Lamb of God who took away YOUR sin!”  The blood of the Lamb completely atones for your sin and makes you holy in God’s sight.  May we never become so complacent about that fact that we cease to fall on our knees in gratitude and thanksgiving.
Because we continue to sin, we need a high priest to intercede for us with the Father.  In Jesus we have a High Priest who lives forever and is continually interceding on our behalf.  You can bring your concerns, hurts, and sorrows along with your joys, praises and thanksgiving to the great High Priest in prayer.  He lives to intercede for YOU.  In His presence you will find freedom, release, redemption, and renewal.
Prayer:  Dear Lamb of God, our great High Priest, Thank you!  We join with angels in heaven saying, “Worthy is the Lamb, who was slain, to receive power and wealth and wisdom and strength and honor and glory and praise!”  (Revelation 5:12)    Amen.


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