Extended Grace

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Extended grace

WRITTEN BY JOLENE DEHEER Many years ago, a young unmarried couple were considering what to do about an unwanted pregnancy.  To keep the child would be an embarrassment…but God extended grace and the child was … Read More

Do You Understand

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There is so much I don’t understand!  I don’t understand how a few strips of delicious crispy bacon can turn into five pounds of ugly fat.  I don’t understand why the closer you get to … Read More

He Still Came

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He knew the incredible sacrifice that would be necessary in order to grant his Amazing Grace. And he still came. Expectation and anticipation are words often associated with the Advent season. The Church is waiting … Read More

Grace and Power

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I am certain there are those of you who don’t mind waking up early.  You may even enjoy it.  I do not!!  I simply do not understand that mindset. And do you know what really … Read More