The gift of presence

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gift of presense friends sitting together

Written by Jolene DeHeer Through the Valentine holiday people expressed their love through cards, flowers, candy, jewelry, etc. These gestures of love and affection make the receiver feel accepted and valued as well as loved. … Read More

Acceptance with Joy

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Written by Jolene DeHeer As the American Thanksgiving holiday approaches people are making plans for family celebrations, groceries are being bought, houses cleaned, guest rooms readied. In the middle of the hustle and bustle of … Read More

With Me

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bible page showing Psalm 23

Written by Jolene DeHeer I have the “spiritual” gift of being loquacious which is exacerbated by my love of words. I love learning new words as well as learning about their origins and history. I … Read More


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person folding hand on bible

Today is the eighth anniversary of the day my husband left this earth for his heavenly home. As I sit here pondering this journey of widowhood, I am struck by how I expected the loneliness … Read More

Dangerous Faith

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Written by Jolene DeHeer I have a confession to make…I am not at all adventuresome. I admit I will never jump out of an airplane (I hate heights), go bungie jumping, or even ride on … Read More