Her husband rarely came to our church

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Community Christian Reformed Church Growth Team, which P. Ezra leads, finished 11 weeks of the Alpha course one week before Thanksgiving.

One of the most faithful attendees was Mr. A. His wife, Mrs. S. has attended our church more than 20 years. However, her husband rarely came to our church. Last summer, he was hospitalized due to his blood clot in his lungs and P. Ezra visited him to the hospital and prayed with him. He was so moved and shed tears thanking P. Ezra.

Later in the fall, P. Ezra invited him to Alpha course which he attended most faithfully. His wife Mrs. S. said that this was the first time he came to church most faithfully. He still has health problems but he attends our church regularly. Since he began to attend church last Fall, one of his daughters and her husband began to attend our church faithfully too with their two young daughters. They will join our church this Sunday with her two daughters being baptized.

This encouraging story was possible due to your faithful support.

Submitted by Ezra Lee
Quarterly Ministry Report for
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