Community Christian Reformed Church

150 Burt St SE, Wyoming, MI 49548


Community Christian Reformed Church is a “come as you are” place.

Community Christian Reformed Church is a “come as you are” place, where people who shy away from church are surprised at how welcome and comfortable they feel.

Community lives up to its name, not only welcoming neighborhood folks into the building for worship services and youth events, but also into their homes for Bible studies, and even going out to the surrounding area for ministries as diverse as block parties and prayer walks. In particular, they reach out to the residents of nearby Arbor Park Apartments, ministering to them at their location.

There are numerous opportunities for discipleship: two Bible fellowship groups for women, one for men, one for all adults, two household groups, and an Alpha group that is good for newer believers. Children of all ages and abilities receive biblical guidance as well, from Sunday School, GEMS, Cadets and THUGS High School Youth Group.

People are encouraged to use all their gifts, even the lesser known gifts, such as crafting. They have a group that makes items to donate to various causes.

It is not financial wealth that fuels this neighborhood commitment, but prayer. Two prayer groups meet weekly - on Sunday morning and Wednesday evening. There is even a dedicated email address for the prayer chain.

Investments & Connections

  • Mobile Food Truck

    They partner with Cascade Fellowship CRC to bring a mobile food truck to the neighborhood once a month. 100 households benefit from this need-based ministry, but Community also sees this is a chance to listen to their neighbors and develop friendships. As a result, some people who come for food, wind up coming to church.

  • Arbor Park Apartments

    Arbor Park is a complex of 100 units of small, affordable apartments two blocks from Community CRC. The pastor and a dedicated team of volunteers go regularly to the apartments to organize fun events for kids, like Easter Egg Hunts, Bible studies for adults, and to make themselves available for pastoral care. They also conduct prayer walks to both intercede for the residents and seek wisdom from the Lord for how they can best be His hands and feet there.

  • Prayer Ministry

    Community CRC found that the thing about prayer is that the more you do it, the more you realize that you don’t do it enough. A prayer group meets every Sunday between the services. On Wednesdays, you can choose between two prayer groups. They conduct occasional healing prayer services, as well as a monthly Sunday prayer service.



Investments & Connections

  • Small Groups

    Small Groups are spreading throughout the congregation at Alger Park CRC. They meet in people’s homes, and are organized for various purposes. Some meet for Bible study, others for accountability, worship, or to engage in sports or specific hobbies. There are also groups aimed at people of specific times of life: young families, singles and couples in their 20s and 30s, senior citizens.

  • Childern & Students

    Alger Park CRC starts discipling their children young, with Little Lambs on Sunday mornings and Story Hour on Tuesday mornings. It continues through Sunday School and kicks into high gear on Wednesday evenings with GEMS and Cadets, when elementary students from the neighborhood and the congregation get to know each other. Every June, the church grounds and building are turned over to the large VBS program. Middle schoolers and high schoolers each have their own youth group, with regular meetings interspersed with lock-ins, retreats, backpacking trips, and service projects.

  • Disicipleship & Mentorship

    From the Deeper Roots Discipleship course, to the seven Bible studies for men and women, to the small household groups, Alger Park CRC seeks to give its members the message that they exist for God’s mission. Indeed, they have high participation in Kid’s Hope, a one-on-one academic mentoring program with students from Ken-o-Sha Elementary School, as well as with their own VBS.