Goody bags filled with Bible lessons, treats, and crafts

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Although our ministry programs have been closed this year and it has been difficult finding new ways to connect with unchurched people during a pandemic and subsequent shut-down, I am encouraged by the results of what our Outreach Ministry has been able to accomplish despite the difficulties of social distancing and restrictive gatherings.

Several of our ministries are working together to deliver “goody bags” filled with Bible lessons, treats, and crafts to the Children’s ministries we have here at church, which has been a way for us in Outreach to make and keep contact with these families and minister to them. Over the holidays, we partnered with our sister church in Cascade to adopt 12 neighborhood families in need of Christmas blessings- we were able to give them support, encouragement, and provide them with basic needs such as food, winter clothing, and a few gifts of books and toys for each child. Delivering these gifts has been a way for our team to meet and establish a connection with those families in our church neighborhood, and we continue to keep in contact with them by phone or in person as current safety measures allow.

Despite Covid and the difficulties it has caused, we have also seen an increase in visitor attendance on an average of 15 people per month, and our Outreach team uses these times before and after services to make new connections with visitors and also those who do not attend church on a regular basis. We are greatly encouraged by these opportunities that God has provided us to continue to minister to those around us despite any obstacles the pandemic may cause!

Submitted by Robin Claussen
Community CRC
Established Church Development Ministry report

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