First ever winter retreat and Base Camp.

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In January, our middle school youth group attended their first ever winter retreat. In total, 5 youth and 2 adults made the trip up to CranHill Ranch. There, students were challenged to live a life that reflects Romans 8:31. Since God is on their side, they can live courageously for Him in every aspect of their lives. Not only was this weekend a win for the student’s spiritual formation but a win for our middle school youth group too. Throughout the weekend, I witnessed relationships grow and strengthen as students enjoyed numerous winter activities.

In February, Discovery Church kicked off a Wednesday night program called Base Camp. Each week Base Camp starts with a meal and a time of fellowship. After dinner, participants were able to choose a “pathway” or class to attend. The pathways that were offered each week were: 1) A discipleship class 2) Edible Art (dessert decorating) 3) Game on (fellowship around playing board games) and 4) Kids connection (class geared for kids that emphasized creativity and learning)

The purpose of Base Camp was to create a time and place where people can come enjoy a nice meal, grow relationally, and invite friends and neighbors.

Though there was a low turn out from our community, there was a great turn out from the congregation.

Through Base Camp, the Outreach team recognized that there is a hungry for more consistent fellowship and spiritual formation here at Discovery. The Outreach team also learned that by consistently having events on Wednesdays, our neighbors will be more willing to participate because they will know which day of the week Discovery has outreach events.

Overall, Base Camp was a great program that shed light on desires of our congregation and helped us come up with better ways to reach our neighbors.

Submitted by William TerHaar | Discovery Church
Spring Report for Established Church Development Committee

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