Discovery Christian Reformed Church

7245 Eastern Ave SE, Cutlerville, MI, 49508


Discovery Church is a worshiping family that carries the healing and grace they experience in worship out into their community.

Discovery Church is a worshiping family that carries the healing and grace they experience in worship out into their community.

Their worship, from the order of the songs they choose to the words of the liturgist, leads them to be aware that God is near, so they can draw close to God, close enough that He can lift their burdens and sorrows. People here are open about their need for Jesus, which brings them into deep fellowship with each other and prompts them to shepherd those who haven’t yet found Jesus.

Half of their recent new members are new Christians and half are mature Christians who want to be part of a community based church. This means they have a particular need for discipleship, which takes place in small groups of 6-12 adults who meet weekly or bi-weekly for Bible study, worship, prayer, and fellowship. In these groups, new and seasoned believers both learn from and support each other, and everyone grows in faith together.

That growth is not for its own purpose, but is turned outward to service. Discovery supports and its members volunteer at a dozen different local organizations. They also sponsor many service and fun events to bring them out into their neighborhood, listening, helping, and establishing relationships.

Investments & Connections

  • Neighbor to Neighbor

    Discovery Church does many things both for and with their neighbors. They throw block parties throughout the year, give away food baskets at Christmas and Thanksgiving, and do practical tasks such as yard work. They hold regular Dump Days when they bring in dumpsters and help their neighbors clear their lives of garbage.

  • Experiential Worship

    Discovery Church calls their worship “experiential” because they expect to experience the grace of God. Each Sunday service starts with 35 minutes of worship time that’s designed to guide people through the call to worship, to a more lively time of praise, followed by quieter and more contemplative music and prayers that allow people to reflect on their hurts and burdens and draw near to God. In this way, their hearts (and not just their minds) are prepared to hear the Word of God and their will is transformed to live out the Word of God.

  • Youth Program

    The Mod Squad middle schoolers meet several times a month for a variety of purposes: sharing, prayer, faith lessons, and fun activities both in and out of church. The high school youth group meet several times a month for faith support, prayer, and large group activities. Both Mod Squad and high schoolers carry out service projects in the church and in the neighborhood, as well as work with Youth Unlimited to undertake more extensive projects in Michigan and other states.

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Investments & Connections

  • Small Groups

    Small Groups are spreading throughout the congregation at Alger Park CRC. They meet in people’s homes, and are organized for various purposes. Some meet for Bible study, others for accountability, worship, or to engage in sports or specific hobbies. There are also groups aimed at people of specific times of life: young families, singles and couples in their 20s and 30s, senior citizens.

  • Childern & Students

    Alger Park CRC starts discipling their children young, with Little Lambs on Sunday mornings and Story Hour on Tuesday mornings. It continues through Sunday School and kicks into high gear on Wednesday evenings with GEMS and Cadets, when elementary students from the neighborhood and the congregation get to know each other. Every June, the church grounds and building are turned over to the large VBS program. Middle schoolers and high schoolers each have their own youth group, with regular meetings interspersed with lock-ins, retreats, backpacking trips, and service projects.

  • Disicipleship & Mentorship

    From the Deeper Roots Discipleship course, to the seven Bible studies for men and women, to the small household groups, Alger Park CRC seeks to give its members the message that they exist for God’s mission. Indeed, they have high participation in Kid’s Hope, a one-on-one academic mentoring program with students from Ken-o-Sha Elementary School, as well as with their own VBS.