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Bible teacher and author Priscilla Shirer skillfully and engagingly relates a story of a theology professor named Dr. Orr in England in the 1940s who took his students on a “field trip” to famous religious historical sites. One of the stops was the rectory where reformer John Wesley had lived. The tour of the house ended in the bedroom where the students noticed that beside the bed were two worn spots in the carpet where John Wesley who led a great revival in England and in the United States had knelt for hours in prayer. The sight of those two worn spots had a profound effect on the students who stood in silence before they left to get on the bus.

Once on the bus, the professor realized one was missing.

He went back into the rectory and found the student kneeling in the place Wesley knelt, fervently praying, “Do it again, Lord! Lord, would you do it again?! And would you do it again with me?!” 

The professor touched the young man on the shoulder and indicated it was time to go. With that, Billy Graham stood up and joined the rest of the students on the bus.

As we all know, God faithfully answered the prayer of that young pastor as Billy Graham was used by God to proclaim the good news of salvation in Jesus Christ. Thousands of people were brought into the kingdom through his faithful preaching of the word.

May this story inspire and challenge us at this time in history to pray as fervently as Billy Graham did all those years ago. May the Spirit move our spirits and our hearts to care passionately about those who do not know Jesus as Lord. Our world is in desperate need of a revival! Amid fear, divisions, hatred, mistrust, racial tension, and injustice, we need Christians to stand up and boldly proclaim the God of unity, peace, and love. We need to be disciples whose heart breaks with what breaks the heart of Jesus. We need to fearlessly proclaim Jesus Christ is Lord to the glory of God the Father and invite people into a relationship with God through Christ!

We need to remember we serve a God who is powerful enough to “do it again!” A God who does not wish any to perish, who longs to give good and perfect gifts. A God whose love for humanity led Him to give His only beloved Son suffer and die in our place. A God who sees broken humanity through the blood of Jesus and declares us forgiven. A God who can change hardened hearts and replace them with a heart of love.

We need to take seriously the honor we have of being called His ministers of reconciliation, His ambassadors, and His righteous. We who have accepted Christ’s sacrifice and call Him Lord are now indwelt by the Holy Spirit and we have access to God’s enabling grace. We can now be the conduit of grace through which the Spirit can flow so a revival can happen. Do it again, Lord and do it with me!

God can do it again….and He can do it through us…if we submit to His leading and empowering. How ready are we to be those agents of redemption and transformation in this generation? Perhaps you can ask yourself these questions to help you access how willing you are to pray, “Do it again, Lord! Do it again and do it through me!”

When was the last time I shared the gospel?

Am I prepared to give an answer for the hope that is within me?

How much and how fervently do I pray for the lost?

Do I have any relationships or friendships with people who are not believers?

Does my heart break when I think of those who are living without Christ as Lord?

May all of us Christ-followers join Billy Graham and fervently pray, “Do it again, Lord! Lord, would you do it again?! And would you do it again with me?!”

  1. Such an inspiring story of Young Billy Graham. But now we now know his total story of how God used Billy Graham again & again. Thank you Lord for using him! See Priscillas video of this story… very moving!

  2. My heart starts melting and start asking that “LORD Do It again with me” I need to see the HAND of MIghty GOD in my time.

  3. I have heard Pricilla’s story about Billy Graham before and I love it. I am trying to research Billy Graham’s history and I cannot find that he was in London at college in the 1940’s. Can you please share with me where the information about Billy Graham actually came from? I always thought he went to Wheaton College around 1940. Thanks.

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