Claiming our community for Christ

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Being a small neighborhood church, one of the things that is most effective in our outreach ministry is having a presence in the community-simply by being seen and meeting people.

A couple of the ways we do this is by canvassing and prayer walking.

When canvassing for big church events like VBS or Fall Kick Off, our outreach team and volunteers go street by street, handing out ministry flyers and just talking to the people that we come into contact with. Another way we make connections is thru prayer walking, which happens weekly in August in preparation for the start of our fall ministries in September.

By doing this we are claiming our community for Christ, and also praying for God to move in the hearts and homes of our neighbors.

We have met and established contacts with many people this way, also taking the opportunity to pray for them and their needs right where they are. This is so important in showing unchurched people the love of Christ because that is what they will remember-our kindness and our prayers!! Thru these efforts over the summer, we have had several neighborhood families come to church services, join small groups, and even sign their children up for our youth ministries.

We are excited to see how the Lord will continue to bless and establish the connections we are making thru our neighborhood outreach efforts!

Submitted by Robin Claussen, Community CRC
Established Church Ministry Report

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