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My name is Anastaze Nzabonimpa, married with 4 children. Two daughters and two sons. I am from Rwanda and lived in Uganda before coming to USA in 2015. I have been a Christian since birth and I was born in a Catholic family. In 1996 I became a pentecostal member. While in Uganda, I went to a school of ministry. Upon my graduation I became a Pastor. In 2009 by God’s grace, I founded a church in Uganda and it is still operating in my absentia.

Since I came to the United States I have been a member of the CRC at Alger Park Church. I enjoy so much the way the word is preached and the love exhibited in this ministry. Currently ! am in Calvin Seminary doing a Master of Divinity (MDV).

When I arrived in USA, in two weeks time, I met an elderly lady by the name of Char Uken. The relationship we developed from that time has been the genesis of every success that we have registered as a family. When we met for the first time, I had taken my wife for English classes and she was one of the instructors. Even if she was a volunteer and doing it as a part timer, that day we met was her day to come to that school. The following weekend, together with her husband they came to check on us. They decided to take us to their church and that is where we still go for service. The church has been a big blessing for us. We came to know many people there who took care of us. We got a dentist from the church, who treats all of us as a family and we could not afford to pay for dentistry. Personally, I came to know about Calvin University and the seminary through the church. This family continued to inspire us and our relationship has continued up today. The door of opportunity was open and we enjoy their company and vice-versa.

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