Alger Park Christian Reformed Church

2655 Eastern Ave SE Grand Rapids, MI
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Alger Park Church strives to be a church in mission

Alger Park Church strives to be a church in mission – their worship, Bible studies and fellowship groups are designed to help people grow in Christ and give them a foundation for action.

The building is in the middle of the Alger Heights and Garfield Park neighborhoods, both of which are diverse and see a lot of turnover, so the church receives many visitors to their Sunday worship services. Their hospitality team staffs the doors and walks guests to wherever they need to go. Each person gets a worship folder that fully explains the service. They also use regular language and avoid “churchy” words that can create a barrier.

Membership is multi-generational, offering everyone of every age a place to belong and contribute. For young families, there are several Bible studies and fellowship groups for women (3 on Tuesday morning alone), Story Hour for young children, and a full slate of programs for students – GEMS, Cadets, and middle and high school youth groups.

Their Vacation Bible School in June involves over 100 volunteers who work together for this vibrant neighborhood program. In fact, Alger Park tailors their VBS to the families they hope to reach by writing their own curriculum and including an adult Bible study. The church invests in the kids at Ken-o-Sha Elementary School through Kids Hope, a one-on-one mentoring program.

For adults, there are small groups, discipleship programs, men’s Bible studies, and Toppers (for those 60 and up), not to mention the fellowship and joy they experience during their many service projects.

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Investments & Connections

  • Small Groups

    Small Groups are spreading throughout the congregation at Alger Park CRC. They meet in people’s homes, and are organized for various purposes. Some meet for Bible study, others for accountability, worship, or to engage in sports or specific hobbies. There are also groups aimed at people of specific times of life: young families, singles and couples in their 20s and 30s, senior citizens.

  • Childern & Students

    Alger Park CRC starts discipling their children young, with Little Lambs on Sunday mornings and Story Hour on Tuesday mornings. It continues through Sunday School and kicks into high gear on Wednesday evenings with GEMS and Cadets, when elementary students from the neighborhood and the congregation get to know each other. Every June, the church grounds and building are turned over to the large VBS program. Middle schoolers and high schoolers each have their own youth group, with regular meetings interspersed with lock-ins, retreats, backpacking trips, and service projects.

  • Disicipleship & Mentorship

    From the Deeper Roots Discipleship course, to the seven Bible studies for men and women, to the small household groups, Alger Park CRC seeks to give its members the message that they exist for God’s mission. Indeed, they have high participation in Kid’s Hope, a one-on-one academic mentoring program with students from Ken-o-Sha Elementary School, as well as with their own VBS.