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Recently in worship we had two guest preachers share God’s Word, together. One would be considered fully mobile, while the other was in a wheelchair. As they preached, this was another way we could all experience and live into our vision and reality as a church of all abilities. That particular worship service was what we call “Table Worship,” which occurs once every month.

During Table Worship we all sit at round tables, share a meal as we take in God’s Word, and then close by serving communion to each other at our tables. One of the guest preachers asked a family (impacted by disability) what drew them to City Hope. Their response was that this is a church community that “gets” them and where they can just be themselves.

God continues to move as we live in what it means to be the church, and for us, specifically thinking of disability first, in everything we are.

– Dave Vander Woude

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