We shared some common interests

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About 6 months ago, I met a young couple thru our church’s community service program (i.e. Covid-safe community outreach events such as an Easter gift bag drop off to our church neighbors, and assisting with outreach efforts during other ministry events such as our monthly food truck.)

As an outreach coordinator, I love this program as it’s a wonderful opportunity to meet and minister to those who are in need of Christ’s love and encouragement the most, as well as a chance to invite them to worship services where they may personally encounter that love by hearing the Word of God.

During these interactions, my husband and I learned that we shared some common interests with this couple, and so we felt led to invite them on several outings to get to know them better-including dinner fellowship in our home and various other ministry volunteer events.

The Lord has since provided us with many opportunities to minister to them with the love of Christ while we grow in friendship, and we are continually blessed to see them now seeking God, faithfully attending worship services, as well as serving with the church’s sound team ministry.

Praise God!

Submitted by Robin Claussen
Established Church Ministry Report


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