Volunteers In Service Fosters a Wonderful Relationship

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In April of 2022, Carol (not real name) originally contacted VIS for help with laundry and light housekeeping around the house. She had three back surgeries and has limited mobility. Amanda (not real name) from one of our local churches offered to help Carol. She usually calls Carol on Sundays to find out what her needs are for the week. This could range from cleaning out her refrigerator and stove to light housekeeping and sometimes a few errands.

Carol emailed VIS saying, “You gave me a gigantic gift this morning. I spent an hour with Amanda and we have become sisters in the Lord. My disability is similar to her husband’s and I look forward to her help. Thank you.” Carol has been so encouraged by this volunteer she felt called to bless VIS with a generous donation. VIS often prays for each volunteer and that God would be glorified through our volunteers.

It is wonderful to see God at work. Carol and Amanda continue to foster a wonderful relationship beyond Carol’s needs.

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