Upward Basketball Ministry Report (Oct 2016)

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We had another great year this year with Upward Basketball. During the summer months things are pretty slow. Our league is expanding into new sports starting with flag football. We do not have space on the premises to host football but we might partner again with volleyball. It continues to be a great opportunity to partner with area churches and I think it is that partnership that I see as valuable especially during the off-season. Our churches do not work together enough and so it is great to have this common ministry that brings us together.

This past year was our biggest season yet in terms of numbers (850 kids and their families) and we had the opportunity to plant seeds of the gospel in each child who participates. We continue to pray those seeds would produce fruit and would love if more families would settle here at Providence. We continue to hear testimonies of people coming to know the Lord at our partner churches which is a huge blessing and we look forward to experiencing that here at Providence soon.


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