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This is Clarice. Each week, Clarice invests in our Dock students by sharing both her artistic talents and her faith. In this picture, you see Clarice teaching a student how to crochet. What you don’t see in this picture are the countless ways that this simple act of giving of her time and attention is impacting the life of this precious student.

Firstly, Clarice is providing one-on-one attention that young people today so desperately need but are sadly lacking. Putting everything aside to show this one student how to crochet is sending her the message that she is important; that she is worthy of our time.

Secondly, Clarice is offering a quiet space; a place to find peace after a noisy day and enjoy a moment of solace with a trusted friend. With all the distractions of today’s world, young people do not know how to quiet themselves and enjoy calm.

What you are also unable to see in this picture are the precious, deep conversations that are generated by these simple acts of love. When their hands are busy and they have a listening ear, students open up. They ask genuine, heartfelt questions about God and the world around them. This provides an easy avenue for our volunteers to share their faith, encouragement, and wisdom.

The Dock has been given a unique opportunity to minister to students in this way. We provide a safe, after-school haven where our students feel loved and secure and can grow deeper in their knowledge of the God Who loves them. What a privilege! At The Dock Ministries, may these students always find someone like Clarice, who will show them Jesus.

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