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235360_592838e365da46e2862d076908bf7d21.jpg_srb_p_283_160_75_22_0.50_1.20_0.00_jpg_srbThe PIER is developing disciples who see their relationship with Jesus as “People Investing in Eternal Riches” The two riches that are becoming our focus are “The Word of God” and “The Soul of a Human.”  These are the only two things that will go into eternity.  Our vision is to walk side by side with each other, giving glory to God in both Word and deed in such a contagious manner that others would want that same Spirit.

We are currently meeting in a building that had been designated as a drop in center for students, called The DOCK.  We are hoping to build on the work that The Dock Ministry has done for 10 years and develop a community of people that come together to Worship, Walk, and Work for the Kingdom of God.

We are developing a simple worship component that, prayerfully, will be a safe place for the friends that we are developing in the community to come into and to hear the open heart of God speaking as they open their heart to him.

Please consider a gift! This ministry is funded in part by Home Missions. You may give to this ministry directly by contacting The Pier at

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