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December 7, 2022

The Dock SALT Leadership Class

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The Dock Ministries kicked off a new program this year that we are excited about! The Dock SALT Leadership Class meets each Thursday after school with the purpose of developing student leaders who can help support other students attending The Dock.

Dock director, Craig Van Hill, completed training this summer and is now a certified instructor in the Habitudes program. Habitudes, written by Tim Elmore, is an image-based leadership development curriculum that teaches young adults valuable perspectives and leadership habits, which help them:

– Take initiative.
– Overcome complex problems through creative persistence.
– Capitalize on personal strengths to be career-ready upon graduation.
– Develop critical thinking skills that produce better life choices.

For the first two years of this new program, The Dock is using the Habitudes curriculum to provide social/emotional learning for our students. Areas of emphasis include:
– Self-awareness
– Impulse control
– Empathy
– Teamwork
– Responsible decision making
– Time management skills
– Identifying strengths and weaknesses for a healthy self-image
– Developing habits of self-discipline

Students who show growth and leadership potential throughout the course of this program will gain hands on leadership experience at The Dock. They will operate as an advisory team for The Dock board offering their unique perspective on how we can better serve the youth of our community. Internships will be made available to those students who have proven leadership potential in areas such as ministry and social media. Through these opportunities, students will learn how to lead, serve, and listen to how God may be calling them.

Today’s student faces unprecedented challenges. The Dock SALT Leadership Class is proving to be another tool in our toolbox to help better prepare our students for the world ahead of them. We are very grateful that God has enabled us to provide this class. Through it, He is molding and shaping tomorrow’s leaders. The Dock Ministries is happy to partner in that!

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