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January 22, 2024

The Dock Ministries serves a hurting generation

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The Dock Ministries serves a hurting generation. This school year, we have been privileged to minister to over 200 students, who attend our programs. As they become more and more comfortable here, our students frequently confide in our volunteers about their deep struggles and pain. They are so very young and deal with some of the heaviest issues one could imagine.

One precious young soul recently shared her horrific history of abuse. At a very young age, she stood in court to tell of how a family member repeatedly assaulted her. Now, she struggles with bouts of depression that have had her in and out of residential care. She has become a regular at The Dock Ministries and has bared her soul. Our volunteers have been able to gather around her in prayer and support her on her journey towards healing. At The Dock she finds a loving and compassionate family that is cheering her on all the way as we point her towards Jesus. As a way of loving us back, she made this holiday ornament for our director. It was her small way of expressing her gratitude. We are humbled to have earned her trust as she does not give that away easily.

This is one of many stories of heartbreak that we encounter when our students arrive after school each day. Today’s student faces an unprecedented number of obstacles in this complicated world. May the Lord continue to draw students to The Dock Ministries and may they always find in us a soft place to land. He is our refuge.

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