The amazing glimpses of the Kingdom of God at work

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Written by Allen Pontarelli

I want to first thank Classis Grand Rapids South so much for the support that they have given our church plant on the SW side of Grand Rapids for the past few years. It truly has made a huge difference.

Awesome Story:

This past Sunday (December 15) we had a very special day of service and events. The morning service was a short pep rally service to inspire our core group of attendees to hit the streets of our local community with Christmas Cards, Party Invitations, Candy Canes, and lots of Christ filled joy. Then we separated into 3 different groups and canvased the Roosevelt Park and Black Hills neighborhoods. We knocked on doors, passed out cards, candy and fliers and offered up huge smiles of MERRY CHRISTMAS to anyone that answered their door.

We got to speak to so many different families. We went to 600 houses and apartments. We even got to pray with a mother whose teenage son was murdered the week before in the local area. (God is amazing on how we comforts people).

Then everyone went home and got ready to come back to our Christmas Party at 4pm. The Potters House gym got filled with almost 100 people Sunday night for an evening of games, food, and fellowship. It was an incredible diverse night with so many different families coming to just be in community. We ended the evening with everyone holding hands around the gym. A Christmas Gospel message was given to all, and we sang a Christmas Carol together.

christmas party

The greatest part of the evening was meeting one couple from the Bronx NY who were so excited to find a local community to engage with.

In the midst of the struggles of planting a church in an under resourced community is the amazing glimpses of the Kingdom of God at work. God is so good.

(This will be the last report given from SW Community Church as a part of Classis Grand Rapids South.)


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