SW Community Church Spring 2017 Update

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We are an emerging Church called, SW Community Church* and we are at the heart of the Roosevelt Park and Black Hills Neighborhood.

Our core team has been living and serving in this area for a few decades. We are now planting a weekly gathering that is shaped and formed around our core values of love, equip, and proclaim. We want to intentionally love our neighbors as Christ loves us, we want to equip those that God draws into our community to be leaders within the church and community, and we want to proclaim the message of Jesus Christ in every area of our life. SW Community Church does not merely want to gather for Church, but wants to be the body of Christ in this geographic area of Grand Rapids.

A recent SW Community Church Story

A month ago during the middle of a teaching, a young woman and her son came into the building to see what all the noise was about. She had been in the building years and years ago as a young child. She was having a rough week, and she just thought maybe this was the place to be. What makes the story miraculous is that I had been praying that God would lead this young lady back to His Church when we started having services. I had not spoken or seen her in several years.

When we decided to church plant, I began thinking about those young people that I had known so long ago that just disappeared. When this young women came in that day, she was an answer to prayer. Many of us who she knew well embraced her with love and tears.

She experienced the grace and love of Christ in such a real way that day.
Praise God

*Classis Grand Rapids South offers grant support of this church plant to help with weekly gatherings that started 3 months ago.

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