Study, go to school, and do as much as you can

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“All the time in the world,” Joco told me when I asked him what he’d tell his 16 year old self, “Study, go to school, and do as much as you can…” Joco says that we have all the time in the world, and right he is, we do; and when it comes down to faith and family, that is all it comes down too.

This young family of three have a lot to be thankful for, their son, David has a birthday coming up, they are celebrating their 10th year of being in the U.S. and being members of La Grave, as well as their 5th wedding anniversary!

Both Grand Valley Alums, they found their way to Grand Rapids when a volunteer group travelled to Romania, the home country of Reni. Joco says that the members who had taken the time and money to travel to their country were so nice welcoming, he already knew that when he would arrive in America, he would be going to check out the Church in the state of Michigan of where these people had come from. And when it came to Education, Joco chose to go to Grand Valley where he completed his masters degree.

While at Grand Valley, Joco became a “member” at La Grave in 2006, then when he was done at GVSU, he left to go back home, once Reni and Joco had wed in 2011, they came back to America and became “second time members” of La Grave. The young couple love the worship style here at La Grave as well as all the outreach and volunteering programs La Grave has to offer. Joco’s fondest memories are when he was working with The Good Shepherd, because he was surrounded with people who were selflessly giving their time to help others.

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