Strong Tower Ministry Report Fall 2018

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Submitted by Ernest Umoh

Strong Tower Ministries has an English class that is taught to recently arrived refugees know very little English.  This past summer that class was led by Anna Luurtsema, as student at South Christian High School.  Anna needed a senior project for South Christian and wanted to lead the English class for the summer months.  She met with the English class curriculum developer, Laura Koning, a former Spanish teacher at Dutton Christian School where Anna was her student.  Together they planned the teaching and activities for the summer.

Anna, though still in high school, did a great job engaging with the refugees and members of the English Class.  In particular, she and her family have become very close to a family from Strong Tower Ministries and are providing a great deal of help and support to them as they continue to adjust to life in the United States.

This just goes to show the great influence young people can have in the Kingdom of God.  One is never too young to begin service the Lord and beginning to step out for Him.

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