Southwest Community Church Ministry Report – Fall 2018

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We have had a new family from the local community that has been coming for the past few weeks to check things out.

The story of how they got there though is so rewarding. This couple’s son “Mariano” who is 9 years old has been coming with a regular attendee that is also a neighbor from the local area. Mariano has so much fun helping set up each week and playing with the other little boys that come to the gathering. He loves the atmosphere and really loves when we do The Lords Supper… He wants to take it one day when he understand more. He simply has an amazing time. Funny thing is, he goes home each week and tells his mom and dad that the church is awesome and the people are very friendly.

After a few months of Mariano not relenting, mom and dad who are not into the church scene decided to check things out. They have now been coming for the past few weeks and the dad believes that there must be some higher purpose to everything that is happening in his life. He says he has no idea what I am talking about up front, but he wants to get together each week to open up the Bible and figure things out.

Praise God for how he works in the lives of those around us. If we just keep showing up, and are intentional about teaching THE WORD, both verbally and non verbally…. God will do the rest.

Submitted by Allen Pontarelli

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