Serving the whole student – mind, body and soul

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Written by Craig Van Hill,
The Dock Director

The Dock Ministries opened in January of 2005.  Born in the heart of a committed group of believers as an outreach arm of Immanuel Christian Reformed Church, The Dock has faithfully served middle and high school students of the Kelloggsville Public School Community ever since by providing a Christ-centered, safe, loving, and fun environment for these students after school.

Our students represent a diverse demographic with 74% being classified as disadvantaged and 79% of them qualifying for free or reduced lunches.  Academically, only 10-14% test proficiently in math and a mere 32% are proficient in their reading skills.  Both statistics are significantly lower than the state averages of 39% in math and 49% in reading.

The Dock Ministries exists to serve the whole student: mind, body and soul. 

Each day that our doors are open the gospel is preached.  Through various mediums intended to reach this generation, the uncompromised message of Christ’s love and redemption is presented. The glorious news that God’s abundant grace is available to all rings loud and is our driving force.  To many of our students, this may be their only encounter with this eternal reality.  It is our heartbeat to introduce and reflect the unconditional love of the Father with them.

After the gospel message, students are served a hot meal.  For many, this will be their last meal of the day as they go home to dark houses and empty cupboards.  Faithful Dock volunteers serve tirelessly to prepare and serve nutritious after school dinners. Generous partners like Old Orchard donate beverages for the 50 students on average that we serve per day.

Once fed by the Word of God and a hot meal, students participate in many, supervised activities of their choosing.  These activities include basketball, billiards, ping pong, air hockey, jumping rope, board games, guitar and keyboard lessons, various crafts projects, jewelry making, etc.  Our mentors engage with students and build relationships by joining students in these activities.  Many beautiful conversations occur across a pool table or seated in a craft corner making bracelets.

Students may also find a quiet space for homework.  The Dock offers many work areas where students can work independently or collaboratively on school assignments. Chromebook computers and calculators are available for student use.  Qualified mentors lend assistance as they are able.

We are forever indebted to the congregation of Immanuel Christian Reformed Church. Though they closed their doors a few years ago, their vision lives on through The Dock Ministries.  Upon their closing, Immanuel gifted The Dock with our own building free and clear.  To this day, many of our volunteers, mentors, and board members are former congregants of Immanuel.

May The Dock Ministries forever remain a worthy recipient.

To find out more about The Dock Ministries, please visit as at or email us at We would love to talk with you about how you might partner with us in serving these awesome students!

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