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Recently I’ve had a few people ask me to explain the meaning. It would seem to be obvious, but apparently not so. “I Am Second” means I’m second to Jesus Christ. He is first in my life. He is first in my marriage. He is first in my business dealings.

At least he should be first. And that is why I wear the wrist band.

Shouldn’t placing Jesus first come as second nature to a Christian? Yes. Yes it should.

Then why the need for the wrist band reminder? I need the reminder because I am fallen. Is it a crutch? Yep. And it is one I’ll gladly take with me every day if I need to.

The “I Am Second” movement has pushed me to improve my relationship with Jesus Christ. It has pushed me to improve my relationship with my spouse. It has pushed me to improve my relationship with my children.

The one sentence description of the “I Am Second” movement is this: “Inspire people of all kinds to live for God and for others.”

Inspire. The word is on the header of this page. Through writing and speaking I am looking to Refresh, Encourage and INSPIRE others. To inspire YOU!

This movement inspired me to send this text to my wife: “I am convinced I need to do so much more in our marriage and lean on God and trust him for everything. I love you.”

Her response? “Wow! Love you too! What are you worried about?”

I’m not worried about anything. But, I have a desire for a better, more intimate, more Godly, marriage.

My wife and I have been married for over 20 years. Very few times during our marriage have we felt our marriage is strong and beneficial to each other, let alone others. I want this to change. I want to work on strengthening our marriage. The “I Am Second” movement will help us along the way.

The “I Am Second” movement isn’t limited to helping people in their marriage. In fact, I believe it to be a by-product of the movement.

As I mentioned earlier, the movement is all about inspiring people to live for God. I strongly recommend you check out the site (link below). Inspiration and encouragement can be found in every video. Trust me. You’ll find one that will connect with you on some level. Maybe you’ll connect with one you aren’t even expecting you need. I did.

Here’s one specific video I watch frequently.

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Are you second? Have you been living your life as “Second”?

Here’s a link to the full site.

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