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January 15, 2021

Sarah reads scripture from Braille

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Encouraging results/story from the program assisted by our partnership with you.

In this time of Covid-19, it goes without saying, making new contacts has been a challenge.
It further goes without saying that things are not quite what we would consider conclusive to meeting up with even the group of regular people of the group.

Thanks to God’s faithfulness, we’re still meeting new contacts, though not nearly as many as we would aid were we able to do outreach on campus. New contacts have been made mostly on social media. I’ve been reaching out through the Campus Ministry@GRCC Facebook page and newsletters and the Jabez Ministries Facebook page.

Since the end of September, of last year, we have begun a roundtable chat room on google duo that is open to current students and alumni. This joins our messenger chat rooms, Team Jabez and Siloam Fellowship,

Weekly, I’m in video chat contact with 4-10 students and alumni. Texting and messenger contact with 15-20, including 4 new contacts made over the past few months.

Facebook contact, on both sites, is in more or less a hundred that are potentially reached out to.

As to a story to share:
We’ve put together a small worship team, primarily consisting of members of Team Jabez, that will be accompanying myself to various churches as I’m engaged as pulpit supply or as a speaker.

To illustrate this, this past Christmas, a service was held at Byron Center Baptist Church and Team Jabez was invited to participate.
Sarah sang a Christmas hymn and read scripture from Braille.

Shaphan, who is normally a worship leader at this church, read scripture as well.
Both Shaphan and Julie led the congregation in singing Christmas hymns throughout the service.

The service was posted on the church’s Facebook page on December 27 and has received a great many “likes”.

Here’s the link to that:

Ministry report submitted by Peter Gordon
Diaconal Ministries

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