Safe, affordable housing is a huge need

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  1. We are so blessed to have great partners come and present to our Changes classes!  These varied speakers provide unique experiences and enrich our participants lives.  Thanks to recent speakers from Wyoming PD, Financial consultant- Mike P., Friend of the Court, and the Kent County Sheriff’s office.
  2. In conjunction with Changes, Serving Together places our program participants at churches where they volunteer performing routine maintenance, landscaping and other basic works of service.  We are so excited that both Crossroads Bible Church and Calvary Church are partnering with us and provide a great place for participants to feel welcomed, receive coaching, and a connection — in our programs and continuing forward.
  3. Safe, affordable housing is a huge need currently.  We are excited for recent positive developments with our Housing Initiative!  We are incredibly grateful for our landlord partners who work with us to house some of our graduates. We are also working on an opportunity to significantly grow this program for the future.  Please continue to pray that all doors will be opened and the right partners are available at the right times for this huge need to be successfully met!
  4. We celebrated with our Stronger Together Family Support Group with a picnic in June.  This was a great opportunity to reconnect in person with the participants and their extended families in this important program.  After nearly a year of Zoom meetings, it was a blessing to reconnect outdoors in person and to catch up!
  5. We have had great attendance and personal growth in our Take Charge program, a life skills and support group for women.  By alternating Zoom and in-person meetings; we’ve been able to welcome a wider variety of ladies to our program!
  6. Cards for Prisoners, our pen-pal program, continues to see new growth opportunities.  We recently had new organization from the Detroit area express interest in our program that has great potential.    We currently have a waiting list of 100 inmates who want to participate.  Please consider becoming a pen pal!
  7. We are excited to welcome new mentors who have asked to be matched with mentees!  Pray for a blessing on these new relationships, that they are successful and bless on both sides!

Submitted by Cheryl Wyma, 70×7 Life Recovery
Diaconal Ministry Update

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