Released at age 19 after a serious offense

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J was a recently released at age 19 after a serious offense. 

He participated in Cards for Prisoners while incarcerated and came to know the program manager, Paula Creswell.  Paula and her husband have been an invaluable help to J as he transitioned home.   J came to our Changes Class and was hugely blessed by it, the teacher, and all the support he received at 70×7.  He was able to reconnect with his birth mother, who also became a participant at 70×7, started a new job with New Day Staffing, our in-house staffing agency, and was recently hired on full-time.

J’s interest was in construction; our new partner, Next Step, works with ex-offenders to train them in woodworking and construction skills.  J. has been working with Next Step and loving it. 

When J was out recently, he saw a young friend in the park with whom he had been incarcerated.  This kid was hanging out with the wrong crowd and making poor choices.  J confronted him on the spot and told him to step away from that.  He told him about his job and Next Steps and 70×7.  Now D. will be coming through 70×7 training and going to Next Steps as well.  

Patrick was released after 10 years in federal prison in August 2020. 

He was anxious and depressed and was unsure of what steps to take next.  He was referred to 70×7 Life Recovery and joined Cohort 61 last summer; this provided him with the support and resources and encouragement he needed to re-group and move forward.  He had a great attitude and wanted to learn.  He was hired through our in-house employment agency, New Day Staffing, and quickly excelled in his new position!  He was hired in to full employment in November 2020 and we were so proud of Patrick. 

In May 2021, Patrick stopped by our office.  He looks great!  Happy and confident, he wanted to share about his progress and show us the vehicle he had saved for and purchased.  We are so proud of Patrick and celebrate with him!

Submitted by Cheryl Wyma – 70×7 Life Recovery
Diaconal Ministry Report

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