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Reformation Day 2021 was celebrated by Classis Grand Rapids South in a most appropriate manner. An enthusiastic representation of its members gathered for worship at Cutlerville Christian Reformed Church.

There was a sense of excitement! God’s people were gathered together! Members of the classis’ churches were delighted to meet and greet folks that they’d not seen for some time—too long a time!

It seemed so appropriate that Reformed Churches would gather on a Sunday evening, joining their hearts and voices in a time of celebrating God’s grace and the spread of the gospel as understood with eyes looking through reformed lenses.

Host Pastor, Rev. Ed Visser, smiled ever so broadly as he welcomed Grand Rapids South’s members. Those gathered looked around, intent on spotting others from their own congregations as well as previous connections by way of classis or being a neighbor. The singing reflected lusty voices using the familiar songs known to many and newer songs reflecting that “In Christ Alone” our hope is found.

Calvin Seminary’s President, Rev. Jules Medenblik, brought a clear word regarding who we are as Christ’s body, using the familiar words from Peter’s letter to us. It echoed in the hearts of the worshipers as reflected in the eyes and faces all around.

As another highlight, Rev. Bob Boersma introduced Jolene DeHeer as the classis’ new Prayer Coordinator, and the classis pastors present prayed for God’s anointing as they laid their hands on her.

Classis GRSouth is at work in obedience to Christ’s command to bring the gospel, near and far. It supports ministries beyond its local scope by calling, equipping and supporting others around the globe. Its members gather for meetings to coordinate and encourage as the work of God’s Kingdom requires.

Gathering for worship continues to provide a most needed dimension as we labor. After all, it’s not our work, it’s His! Matthew’s gospel still challenges the common worshipers. That’s us! Matthew 6:33!

Regional Pastor, George Vink

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