Providence CRC Fall Report 2018 – Dream Big Summer Program

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Submitted by J. Barrett Wernlund

Funds went to pay a staff person (our Kids Hope director) to plan and coordinate and summer program that reaches the students in Glenwood Elementary School‘s summer school / ARCH program. This includes finding different careers to present and working with them and a team to organize 3 rotation stations for each day. This staff person would also find the materials and supplies needed for these stations as well. Additional monies go for the materials supplies for those stations and then a big portion of monies go toward our year end celebration covering food (Chick-Fil-A) and the entertainment portion of the night – this year Street Theatre Troupe.

The purpose of the program is two-fold:

  1. First, it is an opportunity to help these students who are struggling in school to dream of a future that they can work toward in school and allows us a chance to share our best Future in Jesus Christ at our year end part.
  2. It continues the relationships found within Glenwood through the summer which is a benefit for our mentors and Bible Club leaders who participate.

Dream Big is part of a larger partnership between Providence CRC and Glenwood School that includes Kids Hope, Kids Life Bible Club, Hand2hand and Dream Big.

Our prayer is through these ministries people we experience the tangible love of Christ and leave an impression for years to come. Our hope is that those more closely involved will have a chance to hear the gospel of Jesus Christ through the opportunities that come.

Encouraging Results: We had a good turn out from families on our celebration night and we were able to make further contact at a movie night that was held a week later. Families were invited into our GEMS and Cadet programs on Wednesday Night as well as worship on Sundays. Families who attended our year end celebration heard the good news of Jesus proclaimed in grace and truth.

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