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August 18, 2014

Praying like Jesus

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If we want to be like Jesus we need to pray like Him.

First, life-changing ministry is grounded in prayer. The disciples watched him do ministry and figured out that there is a direct relationship between his prayer life and the powerful miracles he performed. Thus, the one request the disciples had for their teacher was related to his prayer, “Teach us to pray.” The disciples wanted the same power in ministry and they understood the correlation between prayer and power in ministry.

Second, prayer is the foundation for our holy life. The piety of Jesus and of the disciples was grounded in prayer. In many cases today, busyness in church ministry and kingdom activities become surrogates for prayer.

Third, transformational ministry that is focused on reaching out to the unchurched with the grace of God and winning the lost with the love of Christ are ministries born out of fervent prayer.

Keeping in mind these three things regarding prayer and looking at our 18 churches from OneFaithManyFaces (OFMF), I believe that God is calling us to seek his face and guidance in continuing on the path of becoming a praying people.

For this purpose the Spiritual Growth and Prayer Committee will continues in the next months to seek God’s face and his guidance regarding the next step in our effort. Also, I would be inviting all Prayer Coordinators from every one of our churches to partner with us as we focus our efforts in this direction. Finally, we would seek the advice of our pastors and spiritual leaders in order to build a powerful renewal movement grounded on prayer.

Written by Felicia Bud
Prayer Coordinator for OFMF.

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