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February 16, 2024

Prayers, Purpose & Pajamas

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“Thank you SO much!”

“This really means a lot to us right now.”

“I wanted to get my all my kids something new. Money is so tight. This is such a blessing!”

December 20 & 21, 2023 was our 2nd annual Prayers, Purpose & Pajamas event at both our Grand Rapids and Holland offices. We understand completely that when a person is incarcerated, all family members and loved ones are affected. In addition to services for those returning from incarceration, 70×7 Life Recovery offers year round programs such as Stronger Together Family Support Group and Take Charge, a life skills and support group for women, which provides encouragement and specifically addresses the unique needs of those struggling in these situation. At Christmas, we wanted to do more!

In collaboration with our Restorative Hope Church partners, individuals, volunteers, and the County Jails, 70×7 coordinated Prayers, Purpose & Pajamas, a happy event to bless families in our community who are affected by incarceration. In October, 70×7 Life Recovery starts working with the Kent & Ottawa County Sheriff Offices to gather contact information on the families of inmates who have children ages 15 and younger. Each family receives an invitation to come to our offices and receive free of change a cozy pair of new pajamas and a plush toy for each child. We also spread the word in the community for donations, and they responded!

Church partners, individuals, organizations, and others collected and donated over 180 pairs of brand new (and quite adorable) pairs of pajamas as well as stuffed animals, winter coats, cozy blankets and other items for this event. Participants in our program were able to help prepare the room and set everything up before the big days and volunteers from the Sheriff’s office, Mars Hill and other churches came to assist individuals pick out pajamas, share information about our programs, and wrap the pajamas in cute gift bags. Over 42 families and 115 kids received new pjs!

Families were extremely appreciative and we feel so blessed to be able to do this incredible event in our community with the partners we have!

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