Playing Ping Pong for Jesus

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I give my thanks to God because He has given me this wonderful opportunity to reach out to many different people through this table tennis ministry.

I have been praying to God that he would use me as His message vessel to non Christians.

One day, God made me to meet Dell a former professional ping pong player. He acknowledged my ability and asked if I could run the table tennis club. Yes, I could!

Thankfully, the Council of Ideal Park CRC approved for me to use the church’s activity center for the club.

With great excitement, I began the club June this year. Since then, I have been leading the devotions before the club begins. Now, Ideal Park supports me with prayers and many other ways for this ministry.

I am looking forward to seeing more and more about God’s kingdom through this table tennis club.

Submitted by Paul (sunghak) Yang
Established Church Ministry Report

  1. Hi do you have to already have to know how to play to be apart of the club? What’s the age requirement?

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