Planned and celebrated the wedding of two refugees

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Strong Tower Ministries (Church Plant)

We recently planned and celebrated the wedding of two refugees from South Sudan. This was a joyful work of people from both Strong Tower Ministries and Trinity CRC.

The husband (Emmanuel) and wife (Hellen) met in a refugee camp in Kenya. They met after the Hellen’s former partner was murdered and their son severely beaten. She then met Emmanuel and after several years he was given permission to immigrate to Canada. A few years later Hellen immigrated at Texas. They maintained their relationship over the distance. Hellen then moved to Grand Rapids to be closer to Emmanuel in Toronto. He would come for visits but then have to return to Canada. Today they now care for four children. Emmanuel decided the best thing he could do would be to move to Grand Rapids to care for his family.

So we decided we would plan a wedding for them for which would also help with immigration issues. They and their family are now very active members of Strong Tower Ministries, but their immigration problems are not over. It could be two years before Emmanuel is able to get a green care and work legally here in the U.S. He also has to continue to go back to Canada occasionally, but now he has no place to stay there.

Please be in prayer for this wonderful Christian couple.

Submitted by Gerry Koning

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