Our new Christmas Celebration event

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Much of the last few months has been focused on how to resume ministry and plan missional living opportunities while COVID number continue to grow. We are excited for a couple missional events we have planned. First, we are still hosting our annual Trunk or Treat on Halloween. We are excited to welcome our community to our church parking lot and hope to provide them a bit of hope and excitement during this season. The next step we are inviting people to take after Trunk or Treat is to join us in December for our new Christmas Celebration event.

Second, our Christmas Celebration that will take place in early December on the front lawn of our church. We will spend time singing secular and common Christian Christmas music and include a basic gospel proclamation. The goal is to provide our community with a place to get into the spirit of Christmas and share with them the true reason for the season. Additionally, it gives them a glimpse into what worship at our church is like and lets us meet them where they are at in their faith journey. The next step from this event will be to join us for our Christmas service as we fully celebrate the baby in the manger.

Ministry report submitted by Jonathan Norder

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