Our best story is about Grace

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Monroe Community Church (MCC) has seen God’s hand in several ways.

We were able to move into our new ministry space. How we were able to manage a capital campaign during Covid still amazes us. But here we our and we are grateful.

Our best story is about Grace.

Grace joined our online Alpha ministry last spring. Although Grace grew up going to church occasionally her faith had long been inactive. Alpha spoke directly to Grace’s heart. She not only completed the spring Alpha course but signed up for two additional follow up Bible studies. A few weeks back Grace came to MCC to share her testimony. She was spellbinding. What is even better her experience worshipping at MCC was so meaningful for her that she has returned regularly, even though she lives on the lake shore. Grace’s story seems to be a direct fulfillment of Jesus promise, “If I be lifted up, I will draw all people to myself”. Way to go Jesus.

Submitted by Jim Boer
New Church Development ministry report

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