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“Hello VIS Staff, I am just calling because I want you to know that I really, really appreciate the work that you do within our community. I am grateful that I know you, so that I can tell people about you and the services that you provide to them. I am grateful that you have the opportunity to help the needy and I am grateful to God that you are still around and that you have the strength to continue with your mission of helping people improve their life. I just wanted to let you know that I am so grateful and I look forward to continue working with you. That’s all I needed to say and thank you!”

(Usually stories are from VIS friends who are being served. Uniquely this is a message from an agency that refers people in need to VIS.)

VIS would like this Classis Grand Rapids South grant to support the Supportive Friends and Service Projects programs. These programs identify and connect people in need to churches, as well as assist churches when they call for casework, consultation, and networking services on difficult benevolent situations from within their church or from their neighborhood. VIS staff will also proactively seek meaningful outreach opportunities as we continue to work with the churches of GR South involving them more in community ministry.

The connecting ministry of VIS seeks to carry out the VIS Mission Statement: “VIS empowers Christians to join Christ’s work in their community.”

Volunteers In Service connects people who need loving support with volunteers in the Christian community equipped to provide faith-motivated care for their neighbors. Supportive relationships are built through friendship, special projects and mentoring.

Submitted by Bernita Tuinenga
Diaconal Ministry Report – Spring 2020

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